GK Folks Foundation A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

Mental Health, Education & Entrepreneurship



Mental Health

Overcome the stigma


Scholarships encourage strong academic performance


Opportunity to develop business plans and apply for grants


scholarship Programs

We funds cultural and academic scholarship programs as part of our commitment to make educational resources accessible and affordable to students. 

Business Plan Competitions

We support entrepreneurs and encourage their creative abilities to come up with a great business plan that is innovative and implementable. Winners can be awarded funds of $3500-$5000 to enable them to carry out their plan. It is our hope that winners ‘pay it forward’ in the near future by making an effort to give back to an immigrant population either locally or back in their respective countries.

Art & Cultural Festivals

We organize various cultural events to celebrate diversity and culture through arts, fashions, music, food, and artist performance. The goal is to develop the public’s interest in the arts and encourage cultural exchange.

Empowerment & Mentorship

Our Project Success, is a career advancement program and GKFolks Konnect, our mentorship program to help  break   stigmatic barriers, give the your confidence, and help them to innovate/ solve real world problems 

therapy shaming ADVOCACY

Our goal is to empower African immigrants and Refugees to overcome the stigma of therapy shaming through advocacy and access to mental health resources.

Africa Do right Awareness

Africa is often known for its corruption among leaders, often misconstrued as a continent littered with poverty and diseases.We believe the youths can change this with a change in mindset.we create awareness by promoting the “dowhatisright4africa” hastag.


HELP International Students Affected By Covid 19



Africa Doesn’t Need More Development Aid, It Needs More Capitalism

Africa Doesn’t Need More Development Aid, It Needs More Capitalism

In 1990, the UN made a commitment to reduce global poverty by 50% within 25 years. That this ambitious goal has been achieved is largely due to China’s success. Within the same period, the percentage of the population living below the poverty line decreased from 56.8% to 42.7% across the continent of Africa. However, with 20% of Africans living under the specter of starvation – a higher percentage than anywhere else in the world – there is still a long way to go.

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Why GkFolks Foundation & Its Programs

For many African Immigrants & Refugees, migrating into the United States can be a miracle and a nightmare all at once because of the “culture shock.” Today, as these sharp and brilliant minds begin to shift the trajectory of their family’s and their families’ futures, they are met with debilitating cultural and societal barriers. We help to remove that though mental health awareness, educational resources, and opportunities