For African Immigrants and Refugees, migrating into the United States can be a miracle and a nightmare all at once. Escaping wars, poverty, and less than the humane quality of life within refugee camps were their stories. Today, as these strong and brilliant minds begin to shift the trajectory of their family’s future, they are met with debilitating cultural & societal barriers.

trapped within systematic cracks

It is estimated that the U.S. is home to 2.1 million Africans. Yet, due to the exhaustion of critical resources and programs, many of the world’s most vulnerable populations are getting trapped within systematic cracks. Gk Folks Foundation works diligently to seal/crystallize these gaps as we provide supplementary support in conjunction with leading African and Refugee organizations.Uniquely, GK Folks Foundation is driven by the desire to unravel one’s inner potential and give back to Africa.

For this reason, the Foundation is rooted in three primary Goals.

Mental Health Awareness

Our goal is to empower African immigrants and Refugees to overcome the stigma of therapy shaming through advocacy and access to resources. We are partnering with local organizations to focus our efforts on promoting whole-body health, mental health for some of our society’s most vulnerable population

Educational Resources

The Foundation leads Project Success, a career advancement program, and GKFolks Konnect, our mentorship program. In addition, GK Folks Foundation funds both cultural and academic scholarships as part of our commitment to make education accessible and affordable to students

Entrepreneurial Resources

We support entrepreneurs and encourage their creative abilities to come up with a great business plan that is innovative and implementable. Winners can be awarded funds of $500-$2000 to enable them to carry out their plan. It is our hope that winners ‘pay it forward’ in the near future by making an effort to give back to an immigrant population either locally or back in their respective countries.