About Us

We need your help to raise $25,000 this year. 


GK Folks Foundation warmly embraces all people, regardless of race, color, gender, age, national origin, marital status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, political ideology, religious affiliation, genetic information, or any other expression of diversity.

Our Vision

We envision a world wherein Africans Immigrants and Refugees in the diaspora are empowered to accomplish their American Dreams and give back to their respective countries in return.

Our Values

Confidence and Human Potential – We seek out and integrate specialized ways to support our volunteers, Achievers, and Ambassadors.

Inclusion – we work to build a culture that welcomes diverse traditions, beliefs, and perspectives

Integrity – We are committed to transparency, individual empowerment, and community development, each of which takes prevalence in all of our decision makings.

Quality of Work – We continuously incorporate high impact strategies to best serve all our achievers and volunteers.


GK Folks Foundation is a non-profit organization providing MENTAL HEALTH, EDUCATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP resources to African immigrants and refugees in the diaspora while enlightening people about Africa’s rich and diverse cultures.


Overcome the stigma of therapy shaming through advocacy


Scholarships encourage strong academic performance


Opportunity to develop business plans and apply for grants

Our History

As a college senior who was both qualified and enthusiastic about a career in Journalism, Gloria was deeply saddened when she was turned down for an internship opportunity on the discriminatory basis of her non-American accent.

She realized that the road to assimilating into the American westernized community and its culture would be a challenge for herself, a proud African woman, easily distinguished by her skin tone, and rich Nigerian accent.

As she contemplated on a response to this cultural barrier, Gloria thought of the implications this obstacle will have on African and Refugee youth whose cultural identity (language, learning trajectory) are profoundly patterned by their African heritage. It was for this reason, in 2015, Gloria embarked on establishing the non-profit organization, GK Folks Foundation.

The primary objective of this 501 (c) (3) organization is to empower African youth by providing them with invaluable tools and opportunities to successfully navigate cultural barriers. The Foundation empowers youth to triumph within the American culture and support their efforts to give back to Africa.

Thus far, the foundation has contributed to the progression of more that 200 young women and their communities. We have awarded over $50,000 in scholarship funds to women leaders in pursuit of a diverse range of educational, community development, and professional goals.

GK Folks Codes

Code of Conduct

GK Folks Foundation’s mission to create awareness and entrepreneurs and leaders are guided by an unwavering code of ethics that is upheld by our board of directors, volunteers, and Interns. We expect :

    • Compassion
    • Ethical standards
    • Fairness
    • Responsible actions
    • Integrity, honesty, openness

Code of Conduct

We expect :

    • Compassion
    • Respect for self and others
    • Safety
    • Drug and Alcohol-Free Environment
    • Confidentiality – We respect and maintain the privacy of others